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Let’s start from the beginning.. Where were you born?

Novokuznetsk, Russia- Essentially I am a Siberian tiger that journeyed through the rough terrain of a war tank factory town the first two years of my life.

What do you want to achieve in life?

I want to build a digital empire and travel the world. Then retire to an Alpaca farm, in some fabulous European countryside, preferably.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

Inspired. Witty. Eager. Rad. Passionate

What are the three values that you consider the most important?

1. Work ethic- I’m super ADD and the process of me getting work done is probably like nothing you’ve seen before but oh man do I get it done and I get it done EXTREMELY well.

2. Creativity- “Be Bold” is basically the way I have chosen to express my creativity. When you go big and find the ability to be as BOLD as possible, I guarantee they will remember you! Not Joe Schmo “the competition”.

3. No Strings Attached- I am sure if you looked up values this isn’t listed but it gets my point across. If you inspire me or make a positive impact in my life I will bend over backward for you and expect nothing in return. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but growing up in SoCal you'd be surprised how overlooked this concept is.

 Are you friendly and approachable, or uptight and serious?

Friendly and approachable. Uptight and serious is so blown out and needs to go away.

Are you fun and lively or corporate?

Fun and lively. Strict corporate culture should be a thing of the past. Anyone with this mindset, good for you, but I've never been into it. I only work with brands that want to explore creative strategies and want to stop doing what everyone else is doing.  Getting caught in the middle of the flock is a tragic place to be.

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