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Size Matters

Bigger is better, right, - that’s a common belief. I want a bigger PR agency, that has many people to handle my needs. However, that belief is slightly counterintuitive. If a PR agency has many people handling your needs, you could potentially slip through the cracks. This is especially the case if you’re not one of their cash cows.


Boutique PR agencies are the new way to go - smaller firms, with people working on your account who know you. They personally know your goals, vision, and mission. You can’t get lost when you’re the priority. With a boutique agency - everyone knows the CEO & the CEO knows everyone (sorry, there’s no flying under the radar here). Your strategy will be uniquely crafted and not pulled from a one-size-fits-all deck. Let’s be real,

one size doesn’t even fit most - I’m looking at you, free swag.


Not only will you be the priority, but it can also be a more economical decision to go with a smaller agency. The overhead for operating a boutique firm is much lower, with fewer operating costs and no investors to account for, meaning your money goes further than when working with a larger team. Money matters and it’s efficiently spent by boutique agencies.


Your success matters to you; it’s your name on the line - the same could be said for boutique PR firms. Boutique agencies have fewer clients, so they have more to lose. You’re not just a drop in the bucket - you’re the whole ocean.


Size is not the sole indicator to look at when selecting a PR firm. While larger agencies may have more resources and staff, they may not always provide personalized attention and may not prioritize clients, who are not their biggest revenue generators. On the other hand, boutique PR agencies may offer more personalized attention, a unique strategy, and more cost-effective services.

However, the decision ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals. Larger agencies may be better equipped to handle large-scale campaigns or crisis management situations, while boutique agencies may be more suitable for niche or specialized industries. It is essential to consider the agency's track record, experience, and expertise, rather than just its size, when choosing a PR agency.



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