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The Road to Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance - definitely a buzzword that’s been overplayed yet underachieved. When I set out to forge a different path for my life, that was actually one of my pursuits. What does this life look like when you don’t work all day, come home, eat, and then are too tired to exist. What does it look like to thrive and how could I do it?

a collage of 3 photos: a girl in a hammock between palm trees on the beach with the sea in the background; a dragon style water fountain in front of the White Temple in Chiang Rai; a woman climbing down a hill toward a beach with the sea in the background

In March of 2022, I took off in search of the answer - and spoiler alert, I didn’t find it right away. I landed in Phuket, Thailand. I rested on the beach under the sun and let the rays calm my chaos. I ate delicious pad thai and tom kha (among many other dishes, because what Thai food could ever be bad). I tested the limits of my stomach with street food. I played pickleball and got sunburnt. I island hopped and road tripped (and even learned a little Thai). But, wait a minute, I was in pursuit of balance and this just flipped the scales the other way. I was calm and relaxed but definitely not hitting all of my work goals. I had just learned the lesson that if this is going to be my life - and not just a vacation - I needed structure.

a restaurant table with beautiful blue and white china - tom kha gai in the bowl with an orange cocktail beside it

With the different time zones and my night owl disposition, it wasn’t too difficult to find a balance that allowed me to have it all. I started my days a little later - around lunch time - and then had a good 6 or so hours for some fun in the sun before beginning my workday at 7 PM in Thailand, which aligned perfectly with working hours in the US, and wrapped it up around 2 AM. Even with working the same amount of time, by working in the evenings I had more daylight and energy to pursue my personal interests during the day. Honestly, it was the best working structure I had ever implemented.

So - I encourage you to push the limits and find a structure that allows you to thrive and not just exist. Life’s long and like Mathhew McConaughey says, “Ya just gotta keep livin.”



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