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What is PR?

written text: Being Bold is the only Thing that Matters

After 5 years of preaching to our clients content, content, and even more content - we’ve decided to walk it like we talk it and give you lovely folks a blog. We’ll cover the ins and outs of PR because knowledge is power (and in no way because we’re hoping you’ll let us do this work for you ​​😉).

So - to kick it off - let’s talk about what exactly PR is. It’s public relations. Okay, sounds like we’re done here.

crickets and a pair of eyes insinuating awkward noises and looking around

Just kidding. It’s basically publicity - how you communicate all of the cool, important information about you and/or your business. I mean, what good are achievements if you don’t get to brag about them. Bragging is actually an art form that PR has perfected. A PR agency will work with you to create a strategy to put your brand in front of the right faces - so your name isn’t just being shouted into the void.

Tina Turner mid song in concert with her hands raised wide

& to quote the queen Tina Turner - “you’re simply the best, better than all the rest” - and the world deserves to know it. So, accept your fate and let a PR agency (or us) tell your story.

photo credit New York Post



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