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What is Success?

What is success and is it restricted to one’s professional life? I’ve been pursuing “success” since I was 18 bussing tables and hostessing. I worked my way up to bartender - was that success? Or, was it when I created my own company - what about when COVID happened and caused it to take a nosedive? Was that failure? Is success only found in a bank account with a lot of zeros and a name that can be recognized by many?

pink written text stating: "is being inspired by the world & enthralled by the present success?"

When I left to travel the world - success wasn’t on my mind - just peace. But, in finding one do you ultimately find the other? The grind was too much; there had to be more out there for me. It was in Thailand (read about it in my last blog, if you haven’t already) where I started to explore the concept of a work/life balance, which meant that I actually started having a life. I fell in love with exploring and found the beauty in life again. I earned my advanced open water certification in SCUBA diving and have completed 81 dives so far. Each time I get in the water, I’m reminded of how much awe this world still has to inspire and how meditative it is to just look and see. Is being inspired by the world and enthralled by the present - success? None of my business classes at school had that in the textbook, but I’m beginning to think they all missed the mark.

Fast forward from Thailand, I can say that I’ve found the work/life balance that works for me. With this balance, I’ve also come to find joy in my work, and I get excited about new clients, strategies, and content. I am excited to wake up and dive and then eager to begin work. Is this the secret? Give me a few years so that I can show some historical data, and I’ll let you know.

a woman SCUBA diving in a horizontal position doing the "hang ten" hand sign



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