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Why PR?

I suppose just saying “because we’re awesome” won’t cut it? Fair enough. We counter with - why not PR?

One of the best parts about PR is how tailored it is - your goals are our goals. Let’s channel our heroes, The Spice Girls, and “Tell [us] what you want, what you really really want.”

all five spice girls aggressively posing for a photo

Photo Credit Zimbio

🤔 Do you want to grow your brand?

🤔 Do you want to have more engagement and visibility?

🤔 Do you want to create a positive public image/opinion?

🤔 Do you want to build relationships with your community?

🤔 Do you want to engage in strategic partnerships?

🤔 Do you want to attract potential talent?

🤔 Do you need to take back control of a particular narrative or crisis intervention?

Sounds like you just answered the why.

People are going to talk (and read) about you and your brand. Do you know what they’ll say or see? With PR, you can cultivate a presence that’s in alignment with your goals. One that elevates your brand, engages your community, and aides in your pursuit of success.

Once you have a goal in mind, reach out to a PR agency *cough* Mariya Pallais PR *cough* to curate a strategy that meets your needs. Talk soon!



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